Saturday, April 23, 2005


Start Spreading THE News!

Morry Alter a reporter for CBS2NY visited our school after the 9/11 attacks and watched (with cameraman and mic) as my students opened their time capsules that had been sealed on September 10th. Why did he report this story? one, not even the best reporter, knew that September 10th, 2001 would be the last day anyone could predict an altruistic future again. September 10th was the third day of school for my students and we were innocently sealing our essays with written hopes, dreams and predictions for the upcoming year. Little did we know that our hopes, dreams and predictions would never be so idealistic again. So I wrote to Morry and shared the opening of these time capsules at the end of the school year in June of 2002 and sure enough he came out to report the news. (Just so you know, I did work for CBS 2 NY in the past and already knew Morry as a colleague). Fast forward to today, 2005. Now I am reading (via Newsbyte2) that the Daily News is reporting that Morry is retiring (I hate that word) this fall. He says in the article, "I may still use the skills I've got. I really do like to teach." Well Morry..."I can say from experience that journalists who turn to teaching are truly enriching the lives of students forever. Just imagine how you can transform a classroom into a news seeking experience." Morry could bring so much to the classroom. Go For IT!

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