Friday, April 15, 2005


My Mind Has A Blog And Chain

If you are a blogger or a writer I am sure you've had the writer's block syndrome every now and then. Or if you're in a newsroom...or a classroom you've heard the whiny reaction to deadline writing (like my students say) "it's hard to start writing sometimes Mrs. Bowllan." Well...while this appears to be a blog block, I believe this happens for a good reason. And it's not just because I am experiencing this b.b now, when I have all of the time in the world to write. But this walled in dam I have is allowing some new ideas to germinate and take on a mind of their own. So I have about 5 posts I started and never returned to them; always thinking "boy that's a great story idea." It reminds me of the misfit toys waiting to have their day and constantly driving their parents crazy. Anyway, it reminds me of going to the movies and being distracted by all of the noises around me and missing the main thrust of what's happening in front of me. But sometimes the best stories don't just appear. Sometimes the best stories are (as someone said) "in the details." I would almost bet that a true blogger cannot concentrate when he is a attending the theatre or movies. There seems to be a common chain amongst us.
So here are some posts I have SAVED AS DRAFT and titled...BEGGING TO BE BLOGGED.
1) Why don't classrooms reflect the real world? Why do we still see chalkboard and seated rows in today's 21st century class? When will schools keep up with the times?
2) Imagine if the greatest writers wrote blogs? I could totally picture a blogger as a daily "blogographer."
3) Amy's Blog Predictions....Mainstream media, education and libraries will use blogs as one of their sole sources for links to the information.
4) Blogs will become commercial. Hopefully not; but that's where they are headed. Just look at the sponsorship growing on pages.
5) Compare and Contrasting story - why blogs remind me of tsunamis.
6) Why is the media biting the hands that feed them?

Hopefully, I'll take more time to develop these posts/stories. My students and I have been mulling over...The A in Advertising (they fill in adjectives to describe the manipulation) and copyright laws.

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