Wednesday, April 20, 2005


maybe next year...

Oh well, I'll try again next year...Imagine a Day Without Technology Day. And I have to say with all honesty... I did not last the morning. I booted up my computer after my eyes parted. I also used more technology today than ever before. But I did try. I also don't think (in my humble opinion) we should have an IMAGINE Technology Blackout Day for those people who use, infuse and teach using this medium. It's too scary a thought. We should have the day for those who really believe they don't need or use it. You know...all of the naysayers who are constantly questioning "why all this technology?" Not someone (like me) who had fifteen students today researching Enlightenment thinkers and preparing upcoming speeches on who they select. So just the thought of a T.B.D is daunting enough.

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