Friday, April 01, 2005


It's Not An April Fool's Joke

This is true...not April Fools. On Monday I start team teaching with our head of school a tenth grade history course including: the Muslim Empires; the Asian empires; the Scientific revolution and the Enlightenment. It wasn't initially on my docket this year, but you know how unpredictable it is in schools. Anyway, part of my Hollywood break has been researching these topics so my new students gain some sort of appreciation for how these events impact us today. My goal is to spend online time with them conducting some webquests, videostreams and allow them to blog about their out blogosphere! I want them to be the reporters of history.
Here's what I have found so far and by-golly there's so much more. I keep wondering what would happen if there was no internet? I guess that means I would have to use the uhhh textbook right? NOT..oh gosh the thought. The internet is far more interesting.
Mapping the Muslim Empires
By Sonjanita L. Moore

The Muslim Empires

I am not sure what year this was posted because I was just googling myself and found this entry. I hope you found the lessons useful.

Sonja Moore
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