Monday, April 11, 2005


Internet Parent Pack Picks

Here are my picks for this week's CBS 2 NY Internet Parent Pack.

A+ Math Multiplication Math Helper
Master your multiplication tables with this interactive chart.

Pearson Education - Measuring
Funbrain will help you learn measurement the interactive way.

Think and learn educational activities for grades K-8.

Quia's Top 50
From Spanish to Science, there's an educational activity for everyone at
this site.

First School Years -History Famous Events
These site has historical trivia for you and facts for your child.

Ms. Sameth - Magistra Linguae Latinae
Latin anyone?

E.L. Easton
Create your own quiz for your child.

BBC- Sandcastle Fun
Go to beach online and build new words with these clam filled vowel games
on sand.

BBC- StarWords
Have fun with the stars and other out of this world word games.

BBC's - Make an Egyptian Mummy
Your student will prepare the body of Ramose, officer to the king, for burial.

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