Tuesday, April 05, 2005



Here are some upcoming and happening events featured at the NYPL Press Release website.
1) Rare and Unique Haggadot and Other Passover Materials Go On Display
2) Yip Harburg Political Film Collection Celebrated in Song by Catherine Russell and Others
3) Ezra Jack Keats Awards for New Writers and Illustrators of Children's Books announced
4) Before Victoria: Extraordinary Women of the British Romantic Era
5) 200th Birthday of Hans Christian Andersen Celebrated
6) Modernist Painter Milton Avery's Illustrations and Prints on Display

Their website also has links to many other exhibitions and programs. For example Jeff Tweedy and Stanford University law professor Lawrence Lessig, will be in a discussion moderated by Wired mag. for $10. Unfortunately, the seats I've been, told sold out in 45 minutes.

Here's a blurb from this very "interesting sounding" event. "Who Owns Culture? will explore the artistic, commercial and legal issues that surround the Internet-enabled freeing of culture. It is part of the new series LIVE From the NYPL directed by Paul Holdengräber."

I hope Will reads this post because he's been writing about Lessig a lot lately.

For more information on a live cast...www.nypl.org/live and email live@nypl.org.

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