Friday, April 08, 2005


Get on the Blog Train

Will from Weblogg-ed has a post today about more Blogging and Wiking in Education and while he nominates me for Blog Rookie of the year (much thanks Will), I would like to nominate all of the students who have made such great literary contributions. If you take a minute to visit Anne Davis' students at The Write Weblog you will read some fascinating writings. Her fifth grade students recently provided some Tips from TheWriteTeam
Here are just a few of the writing tips they offered. By the way, Yessenia and Ashley (two of her students) are published poets! They have a great site and when you visit them you'll read why blogging in education is so important.

"Yessenia - Organize your writing so that it makes your writing seem nice and neat.

Shelby - Read your story over and over again until you KNOW it is the right one.

Paulina - A very good tip is to always use vivid words. Never leave an overused word in your paper. If you do, your paper will look very ordinary. If you change the words your paper will look great.

Ashley - Pretend you are writing to a very important person.

Patrick - When you write you must write with understandable words. You must use words that you and the reader can understand. So don't just use words that sound good and you don't know what they mean use words that you know.

Maria - How,When,&Where shows ADVERBS! they uaually end in ly."

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