Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Chess in Education's "Tipping Point"

To coin Malcolm Gladwell's term from his book The Tipping Point, I would have to say that chess in schools is about to reach its tipping point. There's been much talk lately about integrating chess concepts in classes. I posted some thoughts about this months ago after I met with Grandmaster and Gold Olympiad Susan Polgar. But in today's New York Times there's another article by SUSAN SAULNY Chalkboards? Try Using Chessboards
she writes "Mr. Ashley tries to get the teachers to do what he does in chess and in life: think backward with a desired outcome in view, generate multiple options as possible solutions to any question, consider the perspectives of others, and give respect to the least powerful, the pawns of the game."
Mr. Ashley trains teachers to use chess as a thinking tool in class and I can speak from experience it's a great sport for the classroom.


I was just heading over here to your blog to let you know about this article, but obviously you have already found it. Quite fascinating -- chess as a means to improve teaching skills.
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