Monday, April 11, 2005


The B in LiBrary - Blogging

Blogging Libraries via the The Do It Yourself Librarian
Yes blogs are here to stay...the same way patrons are. But as an educator/technologist/journalist yadi yada. I am seeing more and more library blogs growing and opening its online doors to patrons all over the blogosphere (I'm not sure if Websters included this word yet). What's most impressive to me is the library is becoming the main hub for information literacy; and it's great reading how many librarians are capitalizing on how to disseminate this info. via blog use. I'm finding more and more very organic connections between library blogs, school blogs and journalism blogs with a very natural synergy that hopefully will be transferred to its patrons offline. The NYPL is a great example of how an institution can capitalize its online fervor as well as open its real doors to the many activities they have available to students and visitors for free. Again...they are just one example. There's more to report...coming up.

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