Tuesday, March 22, 2005


What's The Word Again For Working Together?

I have been hearing the word COLLABORATION so much lately. Not only was it the title of Will's post today Collaboration is the Future, but it was certainly the "word of the day" at every panel and vetting session at the SLJ Summit. While I begin my next leg of this collaborative journey with my librarian friends and teacher tech colleagues, I would like to share this passage from The Changing Role of the Teacher-Librarian in the Twenty-first Century by Bev Scheirer Graduate Student Educational Communications and Technology University of Saskatchewan March, 2000

The Collaborative and The Curriculum Leadership Role of the Teacher-librarian

"This position builds a community of learners with colleagues through collaborative program planning and teaching. The teacher-librarian works with other teachers to provide instruction, evaluation and production of information. It must be in conjunction with other instructional programs, and it involves planning and teamwork. Collegiality can show improvements in student achievement, behavior and attitude. Teachers are better able to consider new ideas and are better prepared to support one another.

Research evidence indicates that integrated library programs impact positively on collaboration, leadership and student achievement when the teacher-librarian has experience as a classroom teacher, qualifications in teacher-librarianship and information studies and learning resources management, preferable at the graduate level, and works collaboratively with teachers in flexible scheduled programs to integrate information problem-solving skills and strategies in the ongoing instructional plan (Haycock and Jopson, 1999, p. 18). "

Now the question is HOW? What actions need to take place to bring these "islands of learners together?" My thoughts immediately go to blogging after reading this because you can really empower communities of learners when you give them a portal to share, learn and grow. Of course this is just one way for learners to feel a part of the whole. But again, it is a great start to leap into the ocean of blogs. It will spur creativity when you sit down with your good book and will prompt you to write (no pun).

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