Wednesday, March 30, 2005


A Timely Pause

Being on vacation is a beautiful thing except Disneyland yesterday was a big disappointment; the entrance fee was way too high, the lines were an hour long and Mickey and Minnie were AWOL. But what I have been able to do best this week is revisit my past blog posts and develop a true sense of nostalgia. My brother is here with me and he has so much "good stuff" on his computer to share with people...but it's sitting in his archives collecting dust (you know my answer to it). Blogging has become such an integral part of my own day to day learning that today I decided to go back to my first initial posting in November. I remember delving right into blogging. But I was very scared. It reminded me of when I was in elementary school and the teachers would hang outside the classroom my work (and other students) on the bulletin boards. It was a sign of accomplishment; but I was always very nervous because onlookers can't help but compare one book report to anothers. I remember students stopping in the hallway and commenting on how "this project is better than that one." Anyway, enough lamenting. While pausing this week, I have come up with some blogging revelations.
Blogging is like...
1) hanging your thoughts and student's work in the world's hallway.
2) the birth of a brag book you normally have for your newborns.
3) having a can always tell someone "I blog. Do you?"
4) being in a foreign place even though you've never been there.
5) becoming your own self-made media outlet because now people send you the news stories.
6) having writer friends all over the world.
7) becoming the fifth branch of government. What's the fourth branch again?

feel free to take a pause and share your blogging revelations.

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