Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Think Like A Journalist In Every Profession

Blogs Force PR Pros To Put Their Journalist Hats On by Steve Rubel

"My feeling is that the best way to teach PR pros to think like journalists is to encourage them to become bloggers. I have learned more about journalism through one year of blogging than perhaps anything else over my entire career in this business."

Having been a journalist early on in my career, I can tell you from experience that teachers, students, librarians and administrators are all journalists & news seekers too we just call their domain EDUCATION. We do the same things with similar end goals in mind...to get the story on the air, on a test, powerpoint etc. I oftentimes see students breathe a sigh of relief after they have completed a project only to exhale the way reporters do after a live shot. Why should we care? Well, students on a hunt to find the reasons for the Industrial Revolution becomes a mission or a reporter's beat not a DO NOW assignment.

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