Saturday, March 19, 2005


School Library Journal Summit: Notes, Thoughts & Reactions

What a weekend! The School Library Journal Summit I attended ended today and boy how great it was! Evan St. Lifer and the SLJ staff and their esteemed set of dedicated panelists all deserve great praise. Just a month ago I posted a request to attend this conference and THANK GOODNESS I did. It not only connected the Collaborative Thoughts of Librarians, Authors, Media Specialists and their communities; but once you read through the posts from yesterday, today and beyond you will read how exciting the future of information will be. I also came away with one message...Common, Connectedness in All Areas...Our Bridge To Our Student's Futures! Read through and if you were a participant at the Summit please take my notes (not as a stenographer but) as someone wanting, trying, and desperately hoping to write everything uttered because there was so much "good stuff spoken about." I also encourage you to add your own thoughts/notes and to use this blog portal as a continuum for the dynamic discussions we all had. Recently, I did an interview on CBS 2 NY and I am sure some great ideas can pollinate in your own schools to better promote the innovative work we discussed this weekend. Thanks also SLJ for those cool red Scholastic mugs :)

The following are my raw notes...forgive any mistakes and please add / post your comments if I missed anything. Lastly, let's all keep talking, dreaming and building bridges --Amy

Bowllan Notes from
Saturday March 19, 2005
SLJ Summit -

I can't seem to download this file and am getting this message: Description: The host "" did not return the document "" correctly.
if you send me your email i will forward it to you. Sorry for the problem.
If you are trying to open the 3 Powerpoint presentations, you need to have the powerpoint software on your computer. Let me know.
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