Sunday, March 20, 2005


Promoting Libraries Through Blogs

Why and How to Use Blogs to Promote Your Library's Services by Darlene Fichter
Here is an excerpt from the article...

"Librarians have had to learn how to do a lot with just a little in order to promote awareness of their programs and services. They have seized the opportunities to market libraries in the real world via traditional media: newspapers, corporate newsletters, radio, and TV. Many libraries produce brochures, pathfinders, and their own newsletters. So it is no surprise to see librarians stepping up to the plate and spreading the word online with blogs. Savvy librarians have identified blogs as another means to market libraries and their services."

After attending the 2005 School Library Summit I have been mulling around in my head so many ideas for promoting the 21st Century Library & Librarian. This site is a great start for the next leg of the journey.

Found this Jon Udell: LibraryLookup homepage at Teach 42 has tons of links and resources for information specialists aka...librarians. led me to this great article on Libraries five years from now.

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