Wednesday, March 02, 2005


The Met Like You Have Never Seen It

Meet Ms. Stevenson, our K-F Teacher of the Week who has been bringing history to life and having her students take virtual museum tours before visiting the real thing.

She writes...My 6th graders have been navigating through three exhibit wings at the Met Museum visiting Egypt, Greece and Rome. They have looked at many artifacts online and have taken notes on what the object is made of, time period, and guessing the use of artifact. We are now visiting the museum (physically). Once we go through the exhibits, the students will take additional notes already knowing many things about the artifact from the virtual tour. Upon our return, we will go back to the virtual tour and see once again the artifacts that are very familiar. I will have each student pick one artifact and conduct a mini investigation on that artifact questioning: who would use it, why it would be used, where it would be used, and how it would be used. In addition, students will have printed their artifact and attached it to their word processed document.

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