Thursday, March 03, 2005


Let US Welcome CBS 2 NY To K-F

Later this afternoon I will be sharing some Internet Goodies for Kids with CBS2 NY News Anchor Cindy Hsu. This is an exciting opportunity because parents will be educated as to THE WONDERS OF THE WEB available for their children. These links can help enhance their classroom instruction and can really take learning to another level. Here are just a few random links I will be sharing with Cindy today. But if you miss the segment which will probably air on March 10th, you can access all of their Parent 2 Parent stories from the CBS2 News website.

Kelp Forest Submersibles

SnowMen Reading-Audio Activity

Cool Science Sites

Design Your Own Roller Coaster
Use the Funderstanding Roller Coaster : What changes do you have to to
make to the coaster to make it work?

Discovery Coasters


Roller Coaster Explains Friction

Build a Bridge (NOVA)

Technology At Home PBS Site (WGBH)

How the Body Works

Phonics Word Study

Cut Up Take Home Books From StarFall
---Starfall is offered free as a public service.

Bird Puzzles

The New York Public Library
Apply for a Card

Interactive Map Practice

Ron Hartung's Newsroom 101
A Newsroom-Classroom Collaboration

Great Plant Escape

French Alphabet (sound)

Word Quest Using THE New York Times

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