Monday, March 14, 2005


Keep The Archives Alive

This is from James Tubbs The Future of Mathematics Site and if I posted this before it is well worth it to post it a second time or a third for that matter. There is something about the word ARCHIVES that reminds me of the story the Land of the Misfit Toys. So many sites do not need to be archived because it is too easy to forget them. There is a lot of work that goes into creating educational materials for those in education that it should be "kept alive." Sometimes we forget how time consuming it is to generate so much good one of my goals will be to Keep the Archives Alive. It almost sounds like a song. :)

Tubbs writes...check out his slides, flips and turns link
"Teaching Translations Wow. Everyday in my class is a real eye-opener. The latest unit I'm teaching is one on transformations--slides, flips, and turns. To do these well, students need knowledge of graphing x- and y-coordinates. This is a skill that is taught from the fifth grade and I still have a good number of students who can't do it. And most of those that can simply go blank when the coordinates are for points on a shape (like quadrilateral)."

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