Sunday, March 27, 2005


I have one thing to say....UUUGGHH

Being away from home (and my own computer) has its benefits and let's just say 'CHALLENGES.' The laptop I brought with me won't hook into the wireless hub, the mac I am using won't allow me to hyperlink; I know nothing about macs. Plus, I was at a party today trying to explain blogging to a few writers. I find it amazing that blogging really hasn't hit mainstream yet. I guess you can tell I am frustrated. But we made it to California. And the plane ride...UUGGHH. I will save that for another day and another post because it was a "teachable moment" only a parent could appreciate.
So much for a vacation! But I guess this is telling me to relax and enjoy the moments without a desktop and keyboard. I did get to buy a cake for my husband's birthday from a shopping outlet called the Grove....pretty chic. And the party at Veronica Chambers' was very interesting because there were writers there who all are steeped in knowledge and enthusiasm.

I did manage to find this article from the AP...

Associated Press
N.C. Newspaper Uses Blogs to Reach Readers

"It's a journalist's job to ask questions, but they're usually aimed at outsiders. At the News & Record, a 93,000-daily circulation newspaper in Greensboro, reporters and editors are asking tough questions about the paper itself. The biggest questions: If the paper needs to change to survive, what changes should be made? What can it do, especially online, to make itself the electronic equivalent of a town square?"

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