Monday, March 14, 2005


I Guess I Have Been Called Worse

School Library Journal...Internet Users Overly Confident, But Naive By Kathy Ishizuka

The Pew Study Reports...
"The study also found that only 38 percent of Internet users know the difference between paid and unpaid results. Ironically, almost half of all users say they would stop using search engines if they thought these sources weren't being clear about how they present their paid or sponsored results."

So you learn something new everyday and I am definitely one of the 38 percent. And as much as I preach to students and staff about searching, web evaluation and everything else there is to know about the web there is always more to learn.

"Most significantly, Delneo says, the findings reveal that the public is still not equipped to evaluate the information they find online, underscoring the need to teach information-literacy skills early."

However, this quote I have been following for a while now (in previous blog posts) and agree COMPLETELY that students need to begin their information literacy curriculum skills in Kindergarten.

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