Friday, March 04, 2005


Hear From My Students

Yesterday was very eventful for my broadcast journalism students. Not only were they able to meet Cindy Hsu a real Anchor/Reporter, they sat in on the interview and asked questions. Here are some comments they posted to the KFBroadcast Journalism Blog.

"Cindy Hsu's visit to our school was a really great experience for me because it was the first time that I saw the true life of a reporter outside the studio.When we went to cnbc it was a different experience because everything was staged but seeing Cindy Hsu's work meant much more to me because I think that it is so much more difficult to not be on set and not have cue cards.After yesterday, I appreciate street reporters so much more and I respect so much more what they do".

"I was amazed by Cindy Hsu's presence in our school. It showed me how difficult it is to actually make an interview. The camera man always had to get her at the right angle. Students and teachers were interviewed from our school and while i was watching them it made me nervous. I dont think i would be able to get in front of the camera knowing that its right there and speak comfortably. It also must be very stressful for Cindy Hsu to get all this information and only use some of it to create a package of only two minutes. I feel fortuante to have seen this first hand because it showed me what the whole process is really like. It was also really cool to see Cindy Hsu in person."

"On March 3, 2005, Cindy Hsu came to The Kew-Forest School to interview Mrs. Bowllan. Her visit was informative and astounded me completely. This was the first time I have ever seen a reporter do her job. She made her interviewees feel comfortable and made the interview actually look like a real conversation. She asked questions that were very informative and not biased. I was surprised to see that she mentioned terms and phrases that I have learned in class. I was impressed that I knew mostly all her techniques and knew terms she was saying. I really enjoyed her visit and cannot wait to go visit her at CBS."

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