Friday, March 11, 2005


He Brings The Qualities of Broadway To K-F

Scene from Take 10

Quiet on the Set!

He is known around the school as MAESTRO and Ken Kacmar (Our K-F Teacher of the WEEK)truly lives up to his adopted title.
Recently, two of my broadcast journalism students had a chance to speak with him for one of their packages and here is an edited/shortened version of their one on one interview.

Question 1 - "Maestro what made you put on the play Take 10?"
Kacmar - "I wanted the students to do a play that was contemporary, funny and short so the students could memorize their lines."
Question 2 - "What play do you have in store for the spring?"
Kacmar - "I got such a great response from Bughouse Hamlet last year from students and parents, that this year I am going to do Bughouse Macbeth which is kind of a spook on Shakespeare's Macbeth so it should be fun."
Question 3 - "What advice do you have for students who want to audition for the play?"
Kacmar - "All I ask is that they show up for all rehearsals and LEARN THEIR LINES!" He says with a laugh.

In addition to putting on some fabulous plays, Ken also keeps families entertained for all of the holiday shows with singing, dancing, bell name it. The talent he pulls from our students is amazing. His last play the students participated in was called Take 10 which was a compilation of 10 different plays by 10 different playwrights.

Maestro during Take 10

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