Friday, March 18, 2005


Empowering Learners Advancing the Profession March 18-19

The following notes are a rough draft of the dynamic School Library Journal Leadership Summitheld at the Westin Hotel on 42nd Street in Manhattan. I left tonight very charged after having listened to some dynamic panelists and visionaries from today's summit. Evan St.Lifer the organizer of the SLJ Summit has much to be proud of and I hope the following minutes truly reflects the dynamism noted from Day 1 of the SLJ summit 2005 from the Leadership Summit Panelists. Please add your comments if I left anything out. Tomorrow I will post the wonder-filled keynote address from Dr. Paul Houston's speech "Find the Islands of Connectedness."

Panel #1 Literacy
21st Century Learning Skills/Technology Challenge
Student Achievement Panel 3
Facilitator David Loertscher, Professor, The School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University
Achievement Challenge

Bowllan Notes from SLJ Summit Friday March 18th, 2005

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