Monday, March 28, 2005


CBS 2 NY Parent Pack - Learning can be Fun!

Each Wednesday I send CBS 2 NY's Parent 2 Parent site internet goodies. This parent pack is a great way for students to learn and have fun. Please feel free to send me your favorite educational links. What I am finding most amazing is that the BBC site is awesome.

A Game A Day Can Help Get The A+
Game A

Older students will improve their concentration, vocabulary and writing
skills with these interactive brain teasers.

The Human Body

Learn where everything goes inside the human body with this interactive
drag and drop activity.

Animal ABCs with Chris Jarvis and Friends

Your kids will have a blast with these Sing -A- Longs, March & Match and
Jungle Boogie games.

Keyboarding Practice
Have fun practicing these timed drills to improve their keyboarding skills.

More BBC.CO.UK learning sites for every age

ESL Quiz Corner
Dave Sperling

This site has a full menu of multiple choice online activities to help
sharpen your English skills.

An Arcade of Fun!

This site has a plethora of subjects, games and mind twister activities
for lots of learning and fun.

Ten Little Snowmen and More

Reading can be fun! from the highschool math site.

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