Sunday, March 27, 2005


BYOB...Bring Your Own Bag Please

I was finally able to log into the wireless hub on my PC...whew. What a happy vacationer I am :)
I do believe we can be educated at every stage of our day. Today for example, we're in the Larchmont, California Farmer's Market. The one thing I noticed was people bringing duffle bags to the market. Then I thought, WOW, these people are really, really...uh conservationalist? other thought was, "they don't save the thousands of plastic bags we save at home." Anyway, it was interesting to see the lack of waste at this farmer's market on an Easter Sunday. Most people were stuffing fruits and vegetables in their back packs...totally not wasting. It makes you wonder..."can I go to a store with my own bag in Queens without being looked at?" I think I'll give it a try because I know our Earth is worth it.
This gets me into Wendy's page I had seen before and have been trying to learn the right way of doing things for the environment. Here are Wendy's tips on how to keep a cleaner environment. Some of these we know about some are good reminders. I don't think I would be even posting this if we didn't travel here.

"1] Forget travel mug, run back into house to get to it. If the travel mug is upstairs, even better.

2] Forget spouse's travel mug (See above note about stairs)

3] Forget kids' reusable water bottle filled with filtered tap water

4] Start car, run inside, realize you will be inside longer than a minute, run out to car to turn off, run back in house to finish task

5] Run around house turning off lights, computers, monitors, TVs, etc.

6] Sort cans, plastic bags, paper, cardboard, etc.

7] Drag recycling bin down to curb, forget a couple of glass jars, run down to curb again (Long driveways like ours = more calories burned)

8] Pick your own veggies from backyard or local co-op garden, then wash, pick through, can, etc.

9] Chop veggies for dinner (No more grabbing pre-packaged thingamajig out of freezer and popping in microwave)

10] Forget bags at grocery store and run back to car to get them

11] Run inside Dunkin Donuts because the long line at the drive-thru would cause major idling and they won't use your travel mug anyway. (On the other hand, avoid this step completely.)

12] Walk or bike as much as possible to avoid driving gas-guzzling car

13] Shovel snow instead of using extremely polluting snow blower

14] Rake leaves instead of using extremely polluting leaf blower

15] Use one of those reel push lawn mowers instead of a riding lawn mower (We haven't taken this step yet)

16] Carry in 50 lb bags of wood pellets every night in winter

17] Hang clothes out to dry (We haven't taken this step, either")

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