Sunday, March 13, 2005


Blogging Will Help With the NEW SAT

I am sure if teachers incorporate blogging into their curriculum the angst over this new writing component will eventually disappear. Writing in school is effective because the teacher can monitor the process. But with a timed exam, strategies will have to be set up into the curriculum to help students write in a timely fashion. Here are some ideas I have used with my journalism students for their blog:

1) Provide a relevant writing prompt
2) Draft in Microsoft word first
3) Provide a time limit (this gives students the idea of time)
4) Post so other students can peer edit (if others are reading your work as they will with the SAT, you will be prepared for the critiques better)
5) Keep blog writing daily

SAT Headlines from Google

Amid the Usual Nail-Biting, Warming Up to a New SAT By COREY KILGANNON

High schoolers say essay on new SAT a real challenge BY DAVE NEWBART

Essays bring a new wrinkle to SAT's trials Students voice a hope for points
By Janette Neuwahl, Globe Correspondent

College Board Essay Link
"The essay will measure your ability to:
develop a point of view on an issue presented in an excerpt
use reasoning and evidence based on reading, studies, experience, and observations to support that point of view
follow the conventions of standard written English"

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