Monday, February 07, 2005


So Why Is There A Blog Clog?

Life would be so much easier if there were a certain level of trust in the world. But what would the world be like if there was no such thing as suspicion? I're thinking "where is she going with this post?" But I do know, (as a journalist at heart) that suspicion is always good. It feeds the protection of our youth and makes sure we as educators are doing the right thing.
I also think that trust has to be an educational objective in a world that is constantly changing. This lack of trust I am now calling...CLOGS. These educational CLOGBLOGS haven't evolved past the trust factor. But I really believe that people who are currently fearful of "what a blog is" have never really handled well the "email" or "webpage era" or better yet the video/tv integration in the classroom era; yet (ask them) how are we doing now? They also realized (later on) that there is an understanding of how these tools can impact the education of a student and probably helped promote it; but they had to "play the devils' advocate." We owe these people thanks because they are now (once again) the naysayers and the fact checkers who make sure these options have to be better than good. Not to mention, they have to go through screening and possible deferment. We owe these cloggers many thanks because ultimately they teach our students to not just take any wooden nickel.
So, here's another scenario worth contemplating...A very advanced/gifted first grader wants to write, wants to type and very much wants to be published (not a far fetched thought). Do you tell the student...Wait, we are not there or ready yet! We haven't heard from the naysayers yet!" And If blogs are a way of bringing classrooms closer, why should we wait until everyone catches up? There are so many people who "make hay while the sun shines." While others wait for the sun to shine. It is more important for students, staff and administrators to forget what is clogging the educational pipes and move into the century we are in with innovative opportunities for our students to be able to fully understand the world they are living in. Blogs allow for this to happen. Here is my pays for students take ownership of their own work. Imagine administrators and students setting the framework for companies to resemble? It's happening already and my hope is that educational institutions continue to set the trend on how the future visionaries will take the 21st century student. The sky is the limit....unless there is a sky blogger.

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This is a great initiative because these are the people who will un-clog the blog. Enjoy....

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