Saturday, February 05, 2005


Paper Waster and Yes I am Guilty

As much as I try to conserve paper at school and home, I have to admit it is probably one of THE most hardest jobs. The waste that I and others produce is appalling...Shame on Me and You! This idea of bringing your own used plastic bags to supermarket is such a noble ideas.
Anyway, back to paper waster, Iona college has a link off of their home page called Paper Conservation Campaign with tips for the people like me who advocated a paperless classroom but cannot seem to bring it to fruition. It is certainly a goal worth pioneering and appreciating at the college level.
Here's a blurb from the Iona College website.
The "paperless office" promised by the computer revolution has not materialized. In fact, annual consumption of office paper has nearly doubled since 1980, and it represents one of the fastest-growing components of the nation's waste stream. Here at Iona, we have observed a dramatic increase in the use of paper in copiers, printers and computer labs. Preliminary research revealed that much of this usage may be unnecessary or accidental (e.g., one-sided copying instead of back-to-back; printing more pages or copies than expected, etc.).

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