Sunday, February 06, 2005


An Online Toolkit for Parents

Tonight is going to be one of those nail biters. I'm conducting a TechNight workshop for parents and have the blogbutterflies.

Now, what has struck me during my research in preparing for this night is how little there is available for parents. Students, yes. Professionals, yes. But for parents, much of the online resources revolve around "How To Protect Your Kid in Cyberspace." Or, the, Let's Beat Up The BigBad Internet Wolf. As parents we definitely need to protect our children from online predators; but there's so much more out there. I'm convinced that if parents are "in the know" and learn the wonders of the Web, they too can be digital guides for their children.

If we (School Technology Leaders) don't do it, who will? Most parents are NOT in school during the day...they're out working. So schools need to reach out and share the TechKnowledge.

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