Friday, February 18, 2005


New School/Parson School of Design Answers K-F Student's Question

Our K-F broadcast journalism seniors are embarking on a wonderful journey with the New School University/Parsons School of Design. Game Developer Katie Salen and Colleen Macklin are two of Parson's professors who will be introducing our students to the diverse field of "social technologies" that could benefit these budding journalists after they leave high school.

Here are a few answers Professor Macklin provides our seniors:
"The kind of work we are doing in our classes ranges from computer animation to broadcast design, game design, website design, mobile phone interfaces and applications, digital video, and much more. You can see some of our work on our website:

Our students can teach you how to create animation and effects for your broadcasts, as well as show you some professional tools for live broadcast design (it's called viz rt, and is used by ABC, CNN, and most major netowrks)

We have about 150 graduate and 125 undergraduate students interested in broadcast design. They also have the opportunity to study interactive design, game design, physical computing and animation in addition to broadcast.

Students spend anywhere from 2 weeks to a year on projects here. Year-long projects are called "thesis", and is the final project for seniors. We'll show you some when we come out there!

Students do work in real-world, collaborative environments and with deadlines that could be thought of as "stressful" - but - it's still school, and we encourage students to experiment, have fun and make mistakes - we think that's the best way to learn."

To see the full blog post visit Ask The Parsons/New School Experts

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