Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Meet...The Other Amy

This week's teacher profile is our Libra/Tech Teacher & Supervisor Amy Bourdet. While, she wears many hats at K-F her main role is to integrate digital information into the K-6 curriculum; while working collaboratively with the classroom teacher. You will also find her mending the internal workings of the hardware, checking out laptops on our library Athena system, or just being a good role model for our students. I don't think there is anything Amy cannot do....I mean it. If you take a look at Amy's Online Folder you will find grade appropriate lessons and links for lower school students on just about any subject. Also...note Amy's superior organizational skills. This morning I watched Amy with the fourth graders during her keyboarding practice session for 10 minutes and then onward to today's activity which was math practice/review.
Thanks Amy.

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