Friday, February 25, 2005


Harambee Means Pull Together

"Harambee means to pull together!" These were the words that Dr. Gerald Deas chanted at our school today in honor of Black History month. He shared with the students how the slaves of long ago needed to repeat this mantra Harambee in order reach the destinations set-forth by the slave masters and this word would ultimately help the slaves survive the strong ocean waters.
So we as a school community chanted today...Harambee!
Deas (with chains in hand) spoke passionately of the hardships of the past, the challenges of the future and also provided us with a one woman act...the woman was Harriet Tubman. She walked like I think she would have walked. She talked like I think she would have talked and she shook like I thought she would have shook when she was crying out for her life and the lives of so many others. This actresses' reenactment of the real life Harriet Tubman was exceptional! Students learned how one woman named "Moses" took people to freedom. Students learned that dreams should never be compromised. And lastly, students learned the importance of the people who helped lay the frame work of the place they call home.
Deas was very inspirational today and donated to the school a book called African-American Wisdom A Book of Quotations and Proverbs from Courage Books. Wow! Reading these quotes, and seeing the pictures I found as gripping as the performance today. Thanks Dr. Deas.

Dr. Deas speaks about slavery and the importance of making sure we eat healthy foods.

Student Reporter interviews actress playing Harriet Tubman

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