Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Good Teachers Are Born NOT Made

I applaud the efforts of the Cuny Schools trying to Draw Better Students to Teaching By KAREN W. ARENSON but I havethree points to make regarding the following lures mentioned in the article..."The academy will be modeled on CUNY's honors college, which offers top students free tuition, free computers, research and travel grants and other special academic programs. That program is heavily supported by private donations." 1) Teachers (in my humble opinion) should be hired to teach our young people if they look at their job as a vocation and NOT a job. 2) I have seen excellent teachers come from change of life careers and not necessarily begin in education. 3) I don't think it's wise to take a student just graduating from college or secondary school and place them in a school setting right away; if so they should definitely be paired up with a veteran educator. Student teaching is far different from the real thing.

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