Tuesday, February 01, 2005


ChessEd. 101

I have so much respect for chess players; especially after attending my son's tournament this weekend. There were about 18 youngsters so focused on the King it was amazing. These players were able to keep track of their scores with speed and proficiency (which to them was easy but not to me). Not to mention, it was a very long day, but worth the time spent (especially for me) because my son went right to sleep that night...with NO arguing. Tennis doesn't even get him that exhausted.
Anyway, in one of my recent posts on Grandmaster Susan Polgar I shared Polgar's website information on how the game of chess helps students advance academically. So now that I have been researching the "The Wonderful World of Chess" I can't tell you how much is out there...educators need to be aware of. So I will start by thanking the Boylston Chess Club Weblog: optical chess illusions, Classroom revolution as chess puts a check on unruly children
Please feel free to send any chess articles or links that demonstrates how schools are using chess in education. Here at Kew-Forest, we have a small after school group that meets once a week but wouldn't it be great to offer chess in the curriculum? I think I have just found my next curriculum project proposal.


There are numerous resources available on the web regarding chess programs in schools. Here are a few links to get you started:




I left out one of the most important sites:

America's Foundation for Chess

Thanks so much for these. I really appreciate it.

I have enjoyed your recent entries about Chess and Susan Polgar. I have met Susan...she is wonderful.

As for a suggested link-- see http://www.chesscafe.com/scholastic/scholastic.htm . This is a column dedicated to scholastic chess on the content rich chesscafe.com site. This column is very thorough and well done.

Also note I have my own low tech chessblog, The 64 Square Jungle at http:// chessdad64.journalspace.com.

I am chessdad to an 11 year old chess enthusiast, and I have used the blog to tell some of may own stories, but also to recognize the many kids who have achieved and accomplished much in the world of chess but received sparse public notice. I also use the blog to speak my mind on various chess related issues, sometimes serious, sometimes not.

I usually post about once a week, and based on your lead my next entry will be about Susan Polgar.

HI ChessDad64,

thanks for the links. I will probably see Susan tonight at Polgars. My son has class. I will also share with her the bloggers who support her.
On another note, the scholastic chess article you sent was very thorough...as you noted. My hope is to find a teacher in the schools who integrates chess as a tool to enhance their class sessions.
See Chess-in-the-Schools: Video Segment
New York Voices looks at an innovative program that teaches real world strategy through chess.
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