Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Art History Inspires Her

Ms. Denise Morello

From Scratch Art to Jackson Pollack to even Egyptian is making a huge splash at K-F thanks to Ms. Morello our teacher of the week.
Morello has been inspiring K-6 students to be self-driven and to learn the important lesson that "every form of art originated from an artist." Her bulletin boards are a visit back in time. Morello teaches the historical component of art and the vitality of each piece is a testament to the awesome vision she has brought to life through her love of print making, which she describes as "A Giant Stamp Rolling Out." Recently, after working on an interdisciplinary project with the 6th grade history team, Morello was very pleased with the Egyptian recreations of the sarcophagus. You will also find Morello teaching students about: abstract expressionism, Matisse cut outs or by carefully recreating art by using yarn.

Matisse Cutouts

Jackson Pollack's Expressionism Through The Eyes of a Kindergartener

6th Grade Egyptian Tombs

Grade 3 Matisse Cut Outs

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