Wednesday, February 16, 2005


All The Way From Picardie

TRANSLATE, THINK, SPEAK FRENCH....Thanks To Cyrille Martins, our
K-F teacher of the week who comes to us from Picardie, France. Cyrille teaches french to grades K-6 and one of his passions is being able to "immerse our the children in the french language by speaking to them in his native language." He also does this by using songs like La Jument de Michao and Arlequin simulations, games and other online activities. Cyrille teaches using an active vs. academic approach to learning by having the students conduct the classes in the upper grades and interacting with the lower school students. Both of my children are in Cyrilles' class and they went from speaking virtually no french to now singing, talking and watching the french version of Shrek. Here are some helpful french links and we are very fortunate to have a such a creative and native speaker on campus.
Learning French Colors
Hide and Seek French Word Search
French Alphabet

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