Monday, January 24, 2005


Why I'm An Educational Blogger

Okay...I just get home and I am checking my bloglines (knowing there's going to be) great educational material. Then I'm thinking..."HOW AM I GOING TO POST ALL OF THIS GOOD STUFF for my fellow colleagues?" I guess what I'm realizing more and more is that these blogs really are a wealth of common interests sharing common ideas and links. I started with of course Will Richardson's blog who took me all the way to a Barbara Dieu' Brazilian Blog.
Then I traveled through her page, checking her furl and other web links. Next I met a Hip Teacher Next on the EduBlogRail, Dear-Teacher-To-Be from and Copyright and Plagiarism for Print, Video, Images, and Electronic Articles.

Why am I so..."oh myish?" Well , I know just 5 years ago I could never have received soooo MUCH information without jumping through hoops. The educational blogs also let me know that there are communities of people ALL OVER THE WORLD sharing information and appreciating where we are in the 21st century. Please take your time while you sift through these web sites. You will find yourself saying "Oh My! There's so much out there! Get me a Furl, bookmark or the good ol pen and paper. Now....I'm off to try and climb through this mountain of educational tools.

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