Saturday, January 15, 2005


Wake Up and Smell the Computer Keys

I can't get over how easy it is for educators to valiantly state "I won't use a computer." I have a dear friend who also prides herself on not going online or knowing ANYTHING about computers. I mean I don't walk around with a computer in my fanny-pack but I do understand that this digital medium is how our young people and their future grands will learn. OUR FUTURE PROFESSORS WON'T KNOW ABOUT THE ROYAL TYPEWRITER (unless they visit a museum).
I'm sorry for being the bearer of bad news. But as soon as professors (like the ones mentioned in this article from the New York Times Profs Who Don't (Won't) E-MailBy ABBY ELLIN

STEPHEN DIXON, professor of fiction, Johns Hopkins: ''I have to have an e-mail address -- the university insisted on it -- but I tell my students not to e-mail me. I don't use a computer either. Monitors hurt my eyes. I use a manual typewriter. I started as a newsman many years ago and I just feel comfortable with it. I don't like justified margins; it gives you the illusion of something being better than it is. I want to rewrite and retype until the work is as good as I like it.''
How can we expect students to learn what we want them to learn if we can't learn to use our hands to pick up the telephone? Email is that telephone for today's students. Actually, I would urge this prof to either get into what IM means or LOOSEN up and take a computer course.

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