Saturday, January 15, 2005


Start With The Word School

I'm going to throw this one out to everyone because someone knows the right answer. We all know there are many theories about people and learning. But HOW DO CHILDREN LEARN BEST? My thoughts are similar to the ones mentioned in the following NYtimes article:
"If this kind of learning is what we have in mind then one answer to the big question is that schools don't teach the same way children learn. As in the gear-and-switch experiments, children seem to learn best when they can explore the world and interact with expert adults."

If this statement is true and we've considered the role of teachers in the classroom; as we oftentimes do. My firm belief is to begin with the word school and define what it means...sounds awkward I know. Wiki defines school: A school is any place designated for learning. If this is so, we need to encourage students to use all learning environments. For example, science teachers could conduct some classes in the park. Math teachers can take their students to a supermarket or go on a shopping spree. The humanities...boy...there are so many "schools" outside the classroom doors. We have to FIND WAYS TO PUT THE WORD COOL BACK IN the word SCHOOL. So students can come to class but not know what class they're going to go to. It's so much more exciting. School doesn't have to be a dull and boring, "I can't wait to get out" experience.

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