Saturday, January 08, 2005


Save The Children

Finally!!!!!!! I've been trying all day to just be able to sit and write. It's not that easy but at 11:47pm, I've finally had the opportunity. I'm starting to wonder if "instant messaging" is for me. It's hard to blog and answer IMs at the same time. I'm using the I'm Away post for that.
Anyway, one of my post tsunami goals (I told my students yesterday) is to keep the tsunami story in the news. What worries me is the thought that once it's out of the news people will (unintentionally) forget the story (myself included). My school is in the process of putting together a fundraiser for the victims. I've also heard some great stories of other schools working hard at helping raise money. Fundraisers are great but I think collecting $10 from each student is also effective. I think today's students should put up a blog and track how their donation progress is increasing. That way the students can use this as a "vocation for caring." Here are some links of schools helping the tsunami victims:

Tsunami Help Students

WJCC students and staff findings ways to help tsunami victims

Nearly 18 months ago, Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools students and staff came together to aid a community beset by one of the worst hurricanes ever to take aim at the Williamsburg area. Now WJCC Public Schools’ students and staff are banding together again to help another area devastated by a natural disaster.

Schools raise tsunami relief funds Local students work to help disaster victims By Ginger Pope Odessa American
Save The Children Website for Donations

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