Friday, January 14, 2005


I have to Post Alfred's comments....He's Definitely Right ON!

Alfred said...
Teaching in the 21st century will be very slow to arrive. It will take at least another generation of teachers before all the possible changes will arrive.
The problem is INERTIA. We had math teachers at our school who would prepare all the sheets for the next year in the previous summer. Where is the flexibility? Where is the intereaction? Where is the computer technology? The blackboard is the icon of the classroom.
What have I done to break away from this monotony?
I used a video projector above my blackboard to present my lesson examples, and only used the blackboard for the finer enhancements. All my quizzes, tests, practice sheets and much of my homework was computer generated. My students could generate as many practice sheets as they needed. I had more time to actually teach my students, and devoted less of my time to the preparation drudgery.
And how did I do all this? It is all on the internet!
Go to and see for yourself.
Move into the 21st century!

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