Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Emotions Do Matter While Grading Essays

Here's the next big thing coming out of Michigan...
Mich. to grade essays via computer Here's a blurb from the eSchoolNews article, "Essay tests soon could take a high-tech twist in Michigan classrooms: State education officials want to launch a pilot project this school year that would use a computer program to grade students' essay exams. "

I like the idea. However, I also know that there's a piece missing when it comes to grading and reading essays. Myself, I have graded thousands of essays and each one has the human element that only a teacher can foster and relay back to the student...the emotion, if you will. On the brighter side, if this Michigan method can help prevent the "copy and pasters" that's reason alone to buy the software. Personally, I would leave the grammatical critiques for the computers to make and the comments for the teacher to state upon grading papers. It's certainly something we should keep our eyes on and be open to.

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