Thursday, January 27, 2005


Bye Bye Tri!

Now that students are using computers more it is only right that they use this medium for presenting their work. When I was in school five years ago (in my dreams) our book reports had construction paper as the cover and backing. And you were really cool if you tied the ends with ribbon and put glitter along the title of the project. But it seems like our students have been using those cumbersome trifold boards and probably can do more with powerpoint.
Today's New York Times PowerPoint Goes to the Fair By MARCIA BIEDERMAN article looks at past methods used by students to present science projects and uncovers the latest trend.

"Technology is rapidly changing the world of science, but it is only now starting to change the world of the science project, a ritual of the academic year. Now that computers are second nature to many students, some teachers are abandoning the traditional cardboard displays in favor of electronic files. Some are even creating PowerPoint templates to make it easier for students to produce a smart-looking showcase."

I would like to see students use varying methods to present their work but they should be taught how "NOT TO OVER-DUE SOMETHING." For example, my students KFbroadcastjournalism were asked to research news correspondents and create a powerpoint piece on their research. Some were very good but others had TOO many extra effects that took aways from their product. Let's teach the power of powerpoint so it's an effective tool and not gimicky.

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