Thursday, December 09, 2004


Why Couldn't ALL Textbooks Be Online?

The New York Public Library has now granted its patrons access to some their book collection online. Today's New York Times article Libraries Reach Out, Online By TIM GNATEK

"They are electronic books - 3,000 titles' worth - and the library's 1.8 million cardholders can point and click through the collection at www, choosing from among best sellers, nonfiction, romance novels and self-help guides. Patrons borrow them for set periods, downloading them for reading on a computer, a hand-held organizer or other device using free reader software. When they are due, the files are automatically locked out - no matter what hardware they are on - and returned to circulation, eliminating late fees."

After reading this article I was happy to know that libraries are paving the way for patrons to be able to access information from anywhere 24/7. We live in exciting times. I just wish students would not have to LUG around those heavy textbooks and go digital. Couldn't the textbook companies take the lead from the library visionaries? Although, I know Glencoe is getting on board. the 7th and 8th grade text for History and Geography are both available online.

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