Tuesday, December 07, 2004


This Is Why I Teach

I don't know about yours, but my mornings are hectic with two kids to "get up and running" with my four year old daughter in Kindergarten and my son in Second Grade. Actually, (to be honest) my husband bares most of the brunt of this while I "unmonster" myself. So this morning was certainly like any other morning, get to school, get settled and ready for the barrage of things to do.
My same old walk to my mailbox (the non-virtual one) had me dreading the task of putting the latest magazines where they belong. And having to pick up those pesky subscription notices as they fall upon opening each magazine. Not to mention, I've been very critical of magazines lately saying "who needs them?" We have online everything. Well I found out today after reading a very touching story by Anna Quindlen I'll Never Stop Saying Maria we do need magazines. You never know when that magical moment happens but this story pulls your heart strings and justifies not only why we need magazines but why I am a parent and a teacher. For a parent to write about how much "I admire my daughter and would love to grow up to be just like her" is awesome! I couldn't stop crying. I mean who can handle such drama first thing in the morning with students running in and out? The beauty is the magazine article made me pause for a moment and realize "Why we (educators) do what we do?" in the midst of the chaos. And the funny thing is, I really feel like that too about my daughter and many of my students; and after reading Anna Quindlen's article, I now have the courage to tell those special people we teach how much I admire them and truly hope for their dreams to come true.

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