Thursday, December 30, 2004


Sounds Like a Cult to Me!

I'm a little irritated by an article in today's New York Times,
Internet Use Said to Cut Into TV Viewing and Socializing By JOHN MARKOFF
"However, the researchers said they had now gathered further evidence showing that in addition to its impact on television viewing, Internet use has lowered the amount of time people spend socializing with friends and even sleeping."
When I was reporting the news, I would use a statement like this when describing a cult. Now it seems that if you are using the internet you are not a part of the real world. I think people who use the internet socialize even more. I mean it's just noon now and I've spoken to my cousin and brother in two separate parts of the globe via video chat. I received very important information about hot dogs (for an upcoming party) from my mom. My children were able to speak to my brother long distance on the video camera. He actually babysat for me via videocam yesterday (I needed to run a 5 minute errand). Maybe I'm trying to justify spending three hours online but BOY is it productive time. Remember the telephone? Well, I remember my mother spending hours on the phone (she still does). Anyway, I think she was socializing. But back then, people said it was impersonal. The writer of this article needs to talk to teachers (we research online) and other professionals to truly appreciate the Wonders of the Web. So if the internet is the cult leader...I guess I am a devotee. Any deprogrammers out there?

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