Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Seek and Ye Shall Find

When I worked for channel 13 a few years back, my job was to train teachers on how to use the Internet. Back then our NTTI staff thought "My GOSH there's so much out there." We created lessson plans on every imaginable topic and had great links and videos to support every lesson idea. One lesson plan I worked on was "It's A Beautiful Day In My Neighborhood. Students went through their neighborhood video taping interesting buildings, people etc. I can't believe how much more there is available online today for students, educators, medical personnel, name it's out there.
Anyway (I'm going off topic again) while at PBS I had a site that I absolutely LOVED! It really demonstrated how technology had changed from 1900 till today. It's wasn't bells and whistles but it was interactive and informative. So yesterday, while meeting with one of my teachers for a "tech check in" I wanted to share this link and of course couldn't find it. I couldn't remember what search to put into google. Until now "technology over the years WGBH" and poof it came up. Students love this site on technology and teachers do to. It's called A Science Odyssey - Technology At Home. And thanks to this handy blog...I'll never lose this site again.

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