Saturday, December 25, 2004


Off The Topic - ho! ho! How?

We just had a great Christmas and opened many gifts. My only question is who does the packaging for these toys? It took me, literally 25 minutes to open up a Barbie Birthday Doll; and Dora the Explorer was even longer. They have these little twisty, taped pieces behind the boxes; probably for security purposes. But when you can't even free the doll from the box, something is wrong. Then to top it off, you have to cut through Barbie's hair to take off the plastic protector. So you're right I had to cut out half of barbie's hair just to release the diva from her plastic confines. Now my daughter has Barbie with a Brush cut.
Hope for humor this holiday season and look for tomorrow's post on why computers and kids aren't always a good mix. I've had this article for a while now and wanted to research it more before posting it. Both of my children have computers and it's one of those "make the parents feel guilty" articles. Anyway, till tomorrow!

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