Tuesday, December 21, 2004


Go For It Google!

It seems like there's never a day in the news when there's not some editorial or article on Google's latest venture.Today's New York Times editorial, The Electronic Library, this article speaks to the scanning of some 15 million books and the concerns surrounding this six year venture. As I've said before in earlier posts, we have to "get over" any qualms with digitizing books; it's going to happen, it's happening already.
Also remember, Google has to keep "reinventing" itself. They also have the money and credibility to organize the world's data. Not to mention, somebody at Google as great vision because every idea they are able to design, they can logically make happen and get the public buy in. My question is, how are they able to convince the libraries of their latest ventures with out scaring the people half to death? Here's a potential reaction "you're not replacing books are you?"
The answer is YES. My theory is that Google wants the future to read through the digital divide. Come on, that's why they have a search engine, screen, point & click...not a page flipper. I hate to part my "screensaver lips" to say this but I really think books will be to digital information what record albums (remember those) are to cd/dvds. Don't get me wrong, I'm aware of the longevity and pricelessness of books. But I'm also a realist. By the way...where do they sell records? I'll google a search for them.

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