Monday, December 27, 2004


A Few Updates

I must admit, I've really been trying to read my ebook from the NYPL website...The American Gulag. The first day I received the book (via email) I was READY TO GO and also ready to prove the case that you don't always have to "curl" up with a good book, to be an avid reader. Well, maybe it's the holidays because I haven't been able to curl up and haven't even finished the second chapter. I'm sure it's something I have to get used to. But every time I sit down to read, a door opens and my brother contacts me via videocam from LA and I get side-tracked by seeing him on my screen and there goes my reading time.

On another note, I mentioned an article (I thought I furled and didn't so you know what happens...can't find it) I wanted to share re: parents and their children having too many computers at home. Well both of my children (ages 5 today, and 7) each have their own computer and what struck me in the article was the fact that studies are showing that students do not do well academically if they have their own computer at home. When I read "studies show" my eyes pop. So of course I went into panic mode and probably deleted the article which is why I can't find it. But what's positive is that the story gave me a little wake up call to be more diligent when my children are online. They really take part in some productive work and they play games too. But I can't argue with them that much...they have me as their role model clicking away when I can.

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