Wednesday, December 15, 2004



During this season of giving and thankfulness, I must say I'm grateful for Blog Gurus because they oftentimes lead you to sites that can be really useful. Like today, I was reading Wil Richardson's edublogged site and stumbled upon another site he had aggregated but hadn't read I read the site for him; and low and behold I stumbled on yet another site called Getting Things Done this site was great because it's a very comprehensive outline on the very thing I struggle with EVERYDAY ...organization skills. A definite site of the day winner that could be very useful for anybody, not just teachers.
I'm also thankful for Bill at The Endless Faculty Meeting Blog. He had a post today about an article on the current state of schools and how the US compares. It was quite enlightening and a good read. Thanks to all bloggers (bloguroos) who help to point us in the directions in the hopes to convey the right information.

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